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Bryce became interested in the sport of mushing after watching an Iditarod TV show several years ago.  He found a local Iditarod musher, Sue Morgan, who offered to take him on a dog sled run. He went with her multiple times and was hooked!  He used Sue’s dogs to run his first race in 2009.

Bryce says his mushing highlight was finishing the Race to the Sky. He has hopes of running the Iditarod or Yukon Quest someday.

Bryce recounts a terrifying trail story: “Most Scary Dog Situation:  Getting charged by a cow moose.  She ran through my entire team and stepped through my sled bag and over top of me as I ducked behind the sled. Luckily, she kept running and all the dogs were unhurt.  I never knew moose made such a scary growling sound, but she sure did!”

A funny quote that Bryce resembles: “Every winter my mind turns to mush.”

  • Hometown: Preston, Idaho
  • Age: 36
  • Occupation: USPS Mail Carrier
  • Hobbies: camping and hunting
  • Family: wife Lindsay, two kids ~ Anna and Connor
  • Number of Years Racing: 6
  • Kennel Name: Cub River Kennel
  • Number of Dogs: 17
  • Breeds Used: Alaskan Huskies
  • Lead Dogs: Ishtar, Silver, Twinkie
  • Sponsors: Grandma Mumford, Hawkes Fur Farm, and his family