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Miriam got started in mushing 12 years ago as a sled dog tour guide for Jackson Hole Iditarod.  Her mushing highlight was completing the Iditarod in 2016 and racing in the Nadezda Hope Race in Chukotka, Russia in 2014.  Something Miriam looks forward to is competing in the Kobuk 440 in Kotzebue, Alaska.  Go fast enough to get there but slow enough to see!

  • Hometown:  Fairfield, MT
  • Occupation:  Professional pooper scooper
  • Hobbies:  Hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing
  • Number of Years Racing:  10
  • Kennel Name:  Skinny Leg Kennel
  • Number of Dogs: 36
  • Breed Used:  Alaskan huskies
  • Lead Dogs:  Marlin and Colt
  • Sponsor:  Motofist and Brett Bruggeman