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Brett, 46, became interested in mushing when reading books with his son, Spencer, about the Yukon and sled dogs. “My son made me do it!”

His mushing highlight was receiving the Red Lantern award at Race to the Sky in 2012 as well as midnight runs under a full moon and mushing and camping with his son.  Brett was the winner of the ECX 200 mile race the last 2 years!

He lists an embarrassing dog situation as being when he was being dragged through Lincoln, Montana on Hiway 200 at midnight and couldn’t stop on the pavement. He ended up in the parking lot of the local steakhouse. He relates a funny story as being when his veterinarian told him his dogs were awfully fat to be running the Race to the Sky, and he told the veterinarian she was awfully fat to be calling his dogs fat.

His goals for the future are to eventually run the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod…and perhaps find a new veterinarian.

  • Hometown:  Great Falls, Montana
  • Family:  Wife ~ Suzette, 3 sons
  • Occupation:  Dentist
  • Hobbies:  Falconry, Horse Packing, Hunting, Fishing, & Farming
  • Number of Years Racing:  4
  • Kennel Name:  Skinny Legs Sleddogs
  • Breed Used:  Alaskan Husky
  • Number of Dogs:  45
  • Lead Dogs:  Scabs, Plugger, Silver, Hula, & Gifr