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Jason Campeau, 42, has always wanted to mush. Four years ago, he and his wife moved to Alberta near the mountains to make that dream come true.  They love to spend time in the Rocky Moutnains camping and enjoying the great outdoors.  Mushing was a life long dream of Jason's and when the chance arose to get into it, his family went all in.

His hobbies include spending time in the mountains with his family either on their side by side ATV or out riding their horses.

His mushing highlight was in 2015 finishing 7th in the Yukon quest and 18th in Iditarod as a rookie in both races. What a year!

In the future, he would love to have his wife, Jenn, and daughters, Jessica and Mackenzie, all do a race together at some point.

He lists an embarassing dog moment when he was doing a presentation on dog sledding and leadership to a gymnasium full of kids when one of his lead dogs, Lenny, decided he liked one of the sponsors and started marking his territory on her leg!!!

Favorite quote:  "You miss 100% of the shots you dont take!" ~Wayne Gretzky

  • Hometown:  Okotoks, Alberta
  • Family:  Wife ~Jennifer Campeau, twin daughters ~ Jessica and Mackenzie
  • Occupation:  COO at Maplesoft Group, they also have a company called CMG sports, which reprent many NHL players
  • Hobbies:  Dog Sledding, Horseback Riding
  • Number of Years Racing:  5
  • Kennel Name:  Atka Kennels
  • Breeds Used:  Alaskan Huskies
  • Number of dogs:  55
  • Lead Dogs:  everyone can lead but to mention a few: Spider, Leno, Pixie and Mullet
  • Sponsors:  SEB, Mapleosft Group, Dog Booties. com, Dr. Carsons, Outdoor Survival Canada, Dog's Choice Pet Food Products