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Josi, 24, the second oldest of five kids in her family was homeschooled & works as an insurance agent.  In her spare time, she writes and is a published author.  She also enjoys cooking ~ especially gourmet cheesecake.  But, of course, much of her time is spent caring for and training her dogs.

Josi’s mushing career began when she was 9 & her dad bought her a Siberian Husky, her “dream dog.”  For exercise, they hooked the dog up so he could pull her around on her rollerblades.  After a move to the country, the kennel was born.  Her grandpa built all of her sleds for her.

In 2012, Josi got the opportunity to handle dogs for Aaron Burmeister’s Iditarod team, working with Scott Smith.  It was her mushing highlight fueling her desire to run her own team in the Iditarod in 2015.  Thyr recounts the time her team got away from her & ended up in a field belonging to her 4-H advisor’s uncle.  When she found out whose field it was, she had to “fess up.”

“One of my most memorable dog sledding experiences was when we went out on an afternoon run.  The dogs were really excited since they hadn't run the day before, so when my mom and I left the truck the dogs were going really fast. Moose frequent the trail, so as I was looking around for moose in a small river that runs next to the trail, I saw three elk were standing in a perfect line watching us.  I wish I had a camera!  They started running upstream and ran along side us for about ½ mile.  I remember thinking if we had been on a snowmobile, we’d have missed the whole thing!”

  • Hometown: Cataldo, Idaho
  • Family: Parents and 4 siblings
  • Hobbies: Writing, Cooking, & Running
  • Number of Years Racing: 10
  • Kennel Name:  There & Back Again Sled Dogs
  • Breed Used: Alaskan Husky
  • Lead Dogs: Owl & Lollopop
  • Sponsors: Scheffelmaier Meats