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Neal’s wife had a Husky when he met her 16 years ago.  Tired of chasing it down for a year, he devised ways to exhaust its energy by running it with roller blades and other devices. After realizing what Huskies were bred for, he became addicted to their drive. One became 3 which later became 6 and is now 30. After operating a touring outfit for several years, he became fascinated with distance mushing and traveling and camping for days with dogs.

Bowlen describes his mushing highlight as his first overnight camping run. Forgetting to charge the batteries in his head lamp, he ended up running by the light of the full moon and found the perspective of the trail and terrain awe inspiring. Traveling and camping with the team is his favorite aspect of the sport by far.
In the future he hopes to see if qualifying for the Iditarod & the Yukon Quest while maintaining his family is feasible. He’s hoping racing will add perspective, learning opportunities, and the opportunity to meet some amazing dog drivers.

His most embarrassing dog situation in his own words: “I once thought it was appropriate to hook up 6 dogs to my bike and use clip in bindings on a descending road that had 3 speed bumps in the first 200 yards. I’ll let your imagination run with that one. It wasn’t pretty.”

  • Hometown: Park City, Utah
  • Age: 41
  • Number of Years Racing: 3
  • Occupation:  Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Hobbies: mushing, skiing, music
  • Family: Wife ~ Michelle, Kids ~ Jake, Ava, Charlie
  • Kennel Name:Pawsatch
  • Number of Dogs: 30
  • Breeds Used: Seppala Siberian Huskies
  • Lead Dogs: Patches, Galena, Nicolai, Sasha
  • Sponsors: Redelf Family, Summit County Sheriff’s Dept, Wolff Excavation