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Laurie Warren, 53, started handling for her son Garrett and helping him train his first year mushing. She also helped her younger son, Trevor, when he got a team, and she helped train their puppies. Knowing her competitive nature, Trevor suggested she enter a race herself. She  agreed and was hooked!

Warren’s mushing highlights include training, traveling, & spending time with her sons while they run dogs together as a family. She has wonderful, priceless memories of racing each other in the darkness to the backcountry cabin & bringing their favorite dogs in to lay around the fire & warm up.

Maya is Laurie's main leader and she recalls how she worked into the lead spot:  "My team was struggling last year for a leader with enthusiasm who would get out there and keep the line taught. I put her up there on a chance since she was still not quite two and she took off! She leads with a drive and excitment that inspres the rest of the team.  This shouldn't be too big of a surprise as her father was a leader for Jeff King's team and her mother is a phemoninal leader for my son Garrett's team."

She retells her embarrassing moment: at the Cascade Quest a couple years ago, I ran my first overnight race. Upon arrival at the start, I learned I was supposed to have a cable tie out chain. I was relieved when no one checked to see I was without it. That night while sleeping next to my team, I awoke to a dog licking my face, one exploring my sled bag for food, and another frolicking in the snow. I spent the rest of the night with a leash in each hand, holding on to the trouble makers, learning the importance of having all the required gear, and hoping no one  would awake to see my predicament!

  • Hometown:  Council, Idaho
  • Occupation:  Mule Trainer
  • Hobbies:  Spending time in the back country with mules in summer & dogs in winter
  • Number of Years Racing: 6
  • Kennel Name:  Team Warren
  • Number of Dogs: 17
  • Breed Used:  Alaskan Husky
  • Lead Dogs:  Maya and Conman
  • Sponsor:  Her family plus Dog and Cat wellenss Center in Weiser, Idaho