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Gabe started her interest in mushing when her friend had a litter of pups when she was a teenager and she fell in love with the dogs.  Then after 2 years of helping train them she ran her first race, the Denali Dash 120.

She says her "favorite moments out on the trail are when I get to see my dogs really enjoying what they do.  Their energy is contagious and wonderful to be around."

  • Hometown: Bend, OR
  • Family: Wayne
  • Age:32
  • Occupation: Wildlife Tech for the USFS
  • Hobbies: mushing, fishing, and hiking
  • Number of Years Racing: 14
  • Kennel Name: Everymore Sled Dog Kennel (because there's ever more things to do, try, and learn)
  • Number of Dogs: 15
  • Breeds Used: Alaskan Huskies
  • Lead Dogs: Foxy, Weasel, Sigrid, Dietrich, Oreck, and Dawson