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April Cox, 47, had owned Siberians for years when in 2005 she heard about a race only an hour’s drive from her home.  With only recreational mushing experience, she entered the 3 dog class.  After that race, wanting to take it to the next level and get into mushing more seriously, she signed up for Mushing Boot Camp that spring.

Her mushing highlight her first time finishing the Eagle Cap Extreme 100 mile race in tough racing conditions.  She not only got the Red Lantern award, but came in 2nd place as well!

As far as embarrassing experiences, she had a group of kids visiting her and her dogs at the truck and one of the dogs decided to get amorous with one of the children!  Another time, her team of young dogs stopped at the finish line to visit instead of crossing it!

April hopes to keep running various races and maybe move up to the Eagle Cap Extreme 200 miler someday!

  • Hometown: Adin, California
  • Family: Mother of 3, Grandmother of 5
  • Occupation: Clerk at Red Barn General Store
  • Hobbies: Mushing, Fishing, Camping, Hunting & Hiking, Riding horses
  • Number of Years Racing: 13
  • Kennel Name: Sumbawa Siberians
  • Number of Dogs: 24
  • Breeds Used: Siberian Husky
  • Lead Dogs: Tyty & Rhythm