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In the late 80’s Dina lived in Colorado and the hiked a lot with her 2 husky hybrid dogs and she watched some local sprint races. When she moved back to Washington state she bought a sled and started collecting and breeding Siberian Huskies. She did many recreational activities with her dogs, started a group called Work-9 to do fun runs, did the Oregon Dune Run, and the Mail Run in Quesnel, BC Canada. Her first race was the Cascade Quest where she realized her Siberians were not competitive enough, so she started collecting Alaskans.

Dina’s mushing highlight was a number of years ago during the Cascade Quest. She had doing a lot of training on hills and on the first huge hill of that race she and her team went charging up and they startled the race marshal that was kicked back on his snow machine. He said “What are you doing here?” It turned out she was leading the whole pack!

Dina hopes to one day retire and buy a coffee plantation in Kona, Hawaii. “I figure if I put it out there enough, it could happen!”

  • Hometown: Okanogan, WA
  • Occupation: Physical Therapist
  • Hobbies: riding her horse, running dogs, and building stuff
  • Number of Years Racing: 20
  • Kennel Name: Little Loup Creek Huskies
  • Number of Dogs:
  • Breeds Used: Alaskan Huskies
  • Lead Dogs: Per, Petra, and Aleut