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Jane Devlin, 53, started her mushing adventures by rescuing Siberian Huskies in California. After attending a mushing boot camp with some rescued Siberian Huskies, she relocated to central Oregon to learn more about the sport and have access to trails and a mushing community.

Devlin includes running the Pedigree Stage Stop 8 dog Classic, chasing a moose at the Priest Lake Race, and having dogs that trust her and are a pleasure to work with as her mushing highlights thus far.

Jane’s goals are to make her dogs the best they can be in every aspect of the their lives.

She describes an embarrassing situation: “One of my dogs used to eat people’s jackets if they left food in the pockets. I bought a few jackets, kept my friends, and the dog lived to be 14.”

Another time she made her leaders turn the team around twice in a race when they knew the right trail.  She bought them hamburgers as an apology!

  • Hometown:  Bend, Oregon
  • Occupation:  Professional Dog Trainer
  • Family:  her dogs
  • Hobbies: Dog agility, Hiking, Kayaking, & Music!
  • Number of Years Racing:  10 (3rd year in the ECX)
  • Kennel Name:  Snomouse
  • Number of Dogs: 13
  • Breeds Used:  Siberian Huskies
  • Lead Dogs:  Roxyanne, Misty, Spock, & Dyce
  • Sponsor:  The Money Tree