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Susan Parraga, 55, was our first local musher to enter the Eagle Cap Extreme! She has been running dogs around their Wallowa County property or taking them out carting for fifteen years but had mostly concentrated on showing her dogs rather than racing them.  She and her husband would hook up 2 to 4 dogs and run them around their yard.  It was 2 years ago that some of her dogs participated in the ECX Junior Race and last year her team ran in the 31 mile, 2 day ECX Race.  Now she says it's HER turn to catch up!

She says her mushing highlight so far does not involve her, because her dogs are more experienced that she is.  Her highlight was watching her dogs finish the Eagle Cap Extreme 31 mile, 2 day event in 2016.

Parraga has owned and bred multiple AKC champions and several years ago bred one of the top 25 Siberians. Her current team includes AKC Champion and Pointed show dogs.  Her long term goal is to get a sled dog title for her dogs and exhibit in the sled dog class at the National Specialty.  But first, she wants to finish this race!

“I have Siberian Huskies, it is a challenge to keep our of embarrassing situations!” Parraga writes. When passing by a vendor’s table, her foundation bitch jumped up and gobbled all of the snacks. For years afterwards, whenever that vendor saw them coming, she would clear her table."

Susan's favorite quote:  "Dogs have given us their absolute all.  We are the center of their universe.  We are the focus of their love, faith, and trust.  They serve us in return for scraps.  It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made." ~ Roger Caras

  • Hometown:  Joseph, Oregon
  • Family:  Husband ~ Gary and 15 dogs
  • Occupation:  Store Manager at Mt Joseph Family Foods
  • Hobbies:  Dogs! Showing and running
  • Number of Years Racing:  Rookie
  • Kennel Name:  Zuska’s Siberians
  • Number of Dogs:  15
  • Breeds Used:  Siberian Huskies & a “token” Rat Terrier (cheer leader)
  • Lead Dogs:  Veronica and Speedy
  • Sponsor:  Mt Joseph Family Foods