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Rick started mushing quite by accident. He adopted a northern breed dog from the local shelter and soon found that she loved to pull him on skis. Excited about the idea of using dogs for winter camping, one became two, two became three and then came a sled. A new obsession was hatched.  Rick has participated in ECX 8 or 9 times as a musher, and once before as an official. He spent extended time in Alaska on two occasions, racing and training dogs for mid and long distance.

Retired from Healthcare management, Rick lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife, Patty, 4 horses and 7 dogs. He spends his time working with his dogs, pursuing year round outdoor activities, and tying up 10+ years of accumulated loose ends.

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Dona’s mushing career started when she went on a sled dog ride in 1989 and, having been bitten by the mushing bug, she soon had two sled dogs and was happily skijoring. It wasn’t long before the skis were replaced with a sled and she and her husband Gary, began building their kennel and participating in competitive racing. Dona has raced many sprint and mid-distance races and since hanging up the runners, she has been a perennial judge of the Eagle Cap Extreme and a judge on the Yukon Quest and several sprint races.

Dona lives in Seeley Lake, Montana with her husband and their retired huskies where she is a jewelry artist and a business coach for artists and small business. Dona is also very involved in Siberian Husky rescue.

Gary Kyrouac began mushing in 1998 when he met his wife Dona.  Together they began to build their racing kennel of Siberian Huskies.

During his time on the runners Gary competed in numerous sprint races In Colorado and then moved on to mid-distance races.  He has participated in races like Priest Lake and Ashton, Idaho.  Gary retired from active competition in 2008.

Gary lives in Seeley Lake, Montana with his wife and their remaining huskies.   He spends his time caring for the dogs and training to be a chef.

Kathleen McGill, MBA, DVM is a 1994 graduate of the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Vet school was a career change from being vice president of a personnel dept. for a steel company. She has been an ISDVMA member since 1996 and a board member since 2009. Over the years, Dr. McGill has served as a trail veterinarian for the Yukon Quest, Finnmarksløpet, John Beargrease, UP 200, Eagle Cap and Iditarod. She also served as Head Vet for Yukon Quest for 9 years and is currently Head Vet for the International Scandinavian Stage Race in Sweden. During her years as Yukon Quest Head Vet she worked to develop training videos for rookie veterinarians, standardized veterinary supply boxes, fully integrated veterinary students into the Quest medical team, writing a veterinary standard operating procedure handbook, and worked toward standardizing a body condition scoring system for racing sled dogs. Dr. McGill owned two small animal clinics in Central Ohio with an emphasis on medicine and surgery, as well as teaching in a local veterinary technician program covering both large and small animal courses and techniques. After selling the clinics she worked as a relief veterinary throughout the state of Ohio emphasizing surgery. Dr. McGill has owned and mushed Alaskan Malamutes since the 1970’s. Currently, she lives with 2 Siamese sled cats. Besides sled dog medicine, her other passions are traveling and photography. She has also served on the OSU Veterinary Medical College Alumni Society Board and is currently chair of the Yukon Quest Rules Committee. 2016


Lee Trapp began his ECX career 4 years ago as an Ollokot Checkpoint volunteer, then moved to the trail
crew, eventually becoming the current Trail Boss. Although Lee came from the plains of North Dakota,
he has a love for the mountains that not many can match. He is an avid backcountry skier with a vast
knowledge and intimate relationship with the Eagle Cap Wilderness.

Lee lives in Joseph, Oregon with his fiancé, bird dog, and adventure cat. Not surprisingly, he spends his
summers working in the outdoors as a firefighter and familiarizing himself with other parts of the


Cari was raised in Klamath Falls and has been in the Rogue Valley (except for 4 years in Minnesota) since graduating from Southern Oregon College. For the next 30 years, she was a teacher and a librarian/media specialist in the Eagle Point School District. During their 26 years running sled dogs, she ran many sprint races, a couple of mid-distance races and the Mail Run on the Oregon coast. Also, during most of those years, she was helping her husband,Terry, train for long distance races. She has missed being active in the sport of running sled dogs, but enjoys being connected with it by working races and still being part of the Oregon Dunes Mushersí Mail Run and Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race.

Michael started helping with the ECX in 2013 as part of the communications team at Ferguson Ridge Ski Area. Being a local in Wallowa County, he was bit by the mushing bug as so many are.  Michael came to Wallowa County in 2001, but left after a year or so. He came back 2004 and has been living in Joseph, Oregon since. Michael’s love for comms and willingness to help in the ECX helped a lot in 2015 where he took on the role as Head Timer.  Having learned from the 10 year ECX Head Timer, Cari Hinesly the two previous years, it was easy for him to take on this role (with help from other officials).  Michael changed his amateur call sign in 2015 from KF7VMK to W7ECX.  Love for the sport and ECX had a big hand in him changing his call sign.