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Michael started helping with the ECX in 2013 as part of the communications team at Ferguson Ridge Ski Area. Being a local in Wallowa County, he was bit by the mushing bug as so many are.  Michael came to Wallowa County in 2001, but left after a year or so. He came back 2004 and has been living in Joseph, Oregon since. Michael’s love for comms and willingness to help in the ECX helped a lot in 2015 where he took on the role as Head Timer.  Having learned from the 10 year ECX Head Timer, Cari Hinesly the two previous years, it was easy for him to take on this role (with help from other officials).  Michael changed his amateur call sign in 2015 from KF7VMK to W7ECX.  Love for the sport and ECX had a big hand in him changing his call sign.