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Off they went. It was cold and there was snow everywhere. Everybody in my class was freezing. We were at the Eagle Cap Extreme and we were all ready to watch the big race. I was cheering for Nathan. Nathan’s dogs zoomed by. They were fast. They were lean and ready to run. His dogs each wore pink and green boots to help their paws stay protected. What an adventure the Eagle Cap Extreme is!

By Gunnar McDowell Enterprise 3rd grade


Oh look at them go! I think that the dogs are jittery at first. Nervous for their big race. They are excited to go and they just want to start. The announcer says 3,2,1 GO. The dogs are ready. They race over the hills and then have to get some sleep. In the morning they will start up again as the race continues. At the end I am sure they are ready to go home.

By Tessa Duncan Enterprise 3rd grade