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Weather is always a big concern for anyone running or attending the race. Below you'll find a number of links that target the weather along the route, as well as a few that indicate snow depth. provides complete NOAA (NWS) forecasts including live weathercams in Northeast Oregon.

The links below are spot forecasts from NOAA for specific locations along the course.

The Wallowa Avalanche Center in cooperation with Joseph Oregon Weather, operates a weather station at Salt Creek Summit, elevation 6125 ft on the course. 

Salt Creek Summit Weather Station

NOAA Weather Joseph

NOAA Fergi Ski Area - The starting line for the race.

NOAA Salt Creek Summit - The first high (6125') checkpoint along the route. All racers pass this way.

NOAA Ollokot - At the 4000' level, Camp Ollokot is the layover point and main outpost that handles the race.

NOAA Twin Lakes - At the 6480' in elevation, Twin Lakes marks the furthest reach of the Eagle Cap Extreme.

SnoTel Station Information:

Mount Howard - At 7910' this snow gauge represents about the greatest depth along the route.

Aneroid Peak - At 7300' this snow gauge is another resource for local snowfall.