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Amateur radio serves as the primary communications means for the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race. The Amateur Radio function evolved over the past several races and now consists of a highly specialized team that receives special training and operates using procedures detailed in a comprehensive Safety and Communications Manual. Using amateur radio gives a big boost to logistical and strategic planning plus extra major ounces of safety for volunteers, race officials, spectators, and the sled teams. Would you like to volunteer? Please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit our Job Descriptions page for more information.

The ECX Amateur Radio Network consists of a VHF repeater located near Race Central in Joseph linked to a UHF repeater the near the Salt Creek Summit checkpoint. A VHF remote base on the UHF repeater gives backcountry units additional channel options to make contact with net control. Safety and Communications volunteers are located at Ferguson Ridge (Start/Finish), Salt Creek Summit, and Ollokot. Additional mobile units operate on snowmobiles as part of the trail crew.

The communications net operates for about 45 hours continuously, directed by a net control station at Race Central. Net Control operates mostly paperless, using a custom built web application that tracks resources, mushers, and weather across the course. A local server combined with generator and battery backups protects the system from power and Internet outages. Data from this system updates public websites and displays at Race Central around the clock. Race communications maybe monitored around the world through an Echolink Conference and a public Internet portal.

The race had amateur radio volunteers from, literally, around the nation. If you would like to volunteer for this years race, please email our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit Job Descriptions page for more information. You can also CLICK HERE to fill out the online application for the Safety and COmmunications Team. If you fill this application out, there is no need to fill out any other application for ECX. You will receive an email confirmation that it was received.