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When you volunteer at the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race you obtain an up close and personal opportunity to play a supporting role in this incredible partnership between dogs and mushers.

While working before the race and as the teams travel the race course, you will hear fascinating stories and meet wonderful people and dogs. This opportunity is not available to many.

Eagle Cap Extreme (ECX) offers about 250 volunteer job opportunities. ECX breaks jobs down into small, manageable units to make them attractive and satisfying to a large cross section of people.

Volunteers with a can do attitude and ready for on the job training do just fine. Don't let lack of experience stand in your way. We all learned on the job. We encourage you to take on a little bit at first and expand where your interests take you.

When volunteering for ECX it is important to answer these questions:

  1. How much time can you comfortably handle?
  2. Can you work during the week, weekends, or both?
  3. Can you only work from your home?
  4. What experience do you have that could benefit ECX and the race?
  5. Do you prefer indoor only work, outdoor only work, or a combination?
  6. If you can work outdoors do you have the attitude, stamina, clothing, and equipment to keep you safe and happy?
  7. Could you share a job with a friend?

Jobs during the year include event planning, office assistance, fundraising, pamphlet making, media writing, equipment procurement and repair, and public relations.

Pre Race preparation includes inventory checking, cleaning, transportation, checkpoint set ups, office set ups, trail maintenance, copying, billeting, musher packets, communications, merchandize, trophies, banquet planning.

During the race combines all of these plus dog handlers, office assistants, road guards, communication aides, drivers, checkpoint crews, trail crews, start finish crews, vet crews, merchandize crews, and banquet crews.